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Smart solar owners know the truth

Clean solar panels...

absorb more sunlight

produce more energy

make more money!

The problem with not cleaning

Without regular cleaning, solar panels significantly lose efficiency, as dirt effectively blocks sunlight. This results in lost profits, accelerated wear and tear, and shortened panel lifespan.

The risk of using inappropriate equipment

Improper tools can irreversibly harm your solar panels' delicate coating, reducing efficiency and voiding the warranty. SolaReef's specialized equipment is essential to maintaining optimal panel health and performance.

Up to


more energy

Up to 30%

more energy





* Based on 500+ SolaReef customer responses

SolaReef customers report an increase of $600–$1,200 in yearly earnings, over $15,000 in the system's lifetime.

Why SolaReef is the best

Why SolaReef is
the best

Protect your investment in solar with the best cleaning system designed specifically for solar panels!

Black Friday Mega Sale!

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Happy SolaReef Customers

Tal from Fresno made 24% more energy after cleaning, a value of more than $1000 in a year!

Top-quality equipment and super easy to handle. I highly recommend it to other homeowners.

Miguel R.

Got the SolaReef System on my installer's recommendation. Best decision ever! My panels have never looked better.

Monique R.

After a recent dust storm, I was worried about not producing enough energy to cover my electric bill. After I cleaned them up they were like new. Amazing results!

Susan P.

I saw a noticeable difference in my energy output after using the SolaReef System after literally one cleaning.

Ricky T.