SolarWater™ Capsules

Improved water quality for spotless solar panels.

SolarWater™ Water Treatment Capsules

Even small quantities of calcium and magnesium in your household water supply can build up on your solar panels. If left untreated, the residue left hardens and becomes difficult to remove without causing damage to panel surfaces.
The mineral- absorbing compound in the SolarWater™ capsules removes the ions that lead to scale and lengthens the life of your investment! Use the included SolaReef200™ water fed brush and the 12 ft pole, (or upgrade to our 20 ft pole) to get the best clean with no scratches, residue or streaks.

The SolarWater™ capsule easily attaches to the hose provided with the SolaReef Solar Panel Cleaning System.

Untreated water flows through the capsule, where hard water ions are absorbed and stored. Pure soft water exits the capsule, ready to clean your solar panels!

4 capsules are included with your SolaReef™ purchase. Each capsule is designed to last for a duration of 60 minutes of washing time, enough to last for year of cleaning!

You will receive a notification when it’s time to change to a new capsule in the SolaReef Monitoring App.

Don’t throw them away! Support our sustainability efforts by replacing your used capsules with new ones through our Capsule Exchange Program.

For use with the SolaReef200™ brush for scratch-free, scrub-free cleaning.

The Best Water for Solar Panel Cleaning

In the United States, approximately 85% of households have hard water! Repeated washings with mineral-rich hard water leave solar panels with calcifications that result in lowered efficiency and dangerous hotspots. Removing these calcifications can damage panels even further.

We spent countless hours developing a convenient effective method of creating the best water for cleaning solar panels that will keep them working at their maximum for years to come. SolarWater™ capsules fit easily in the palm of your hand, are quick to install, and deliver the right level of water purity that leaves no residue or buildup on your panels or anywhere else.

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How many uses is each capsule enough for?

Each capsule can provide approximately 60 continuous minutes of flowing water at full pressure, which is enough for 3-4 cleanings. This amount may vary depending on your local water hardness and the number of panels you own.

How can I replace my capsules when they are all used up?

When it's time to replace your capsules you can simply order a new set of capsules on the solarReef store and don't forget to check the box if you are returning your used capsules as part of the exchange program for a significant discount.

Can the SolaReef system be used for other cleaning purposes?

While the solar reef system is designed for cleaning solar panels it can also be used for a variety of purposes, like cleaning your windows, washing your car etc all while using clean water that won't leave any marks or light scale.

What water should be used for cleaning solar panels?

You should always use water that is free of minerals to clean your panels. Cleaning with hard water (regular tap water with minerals) voids manufacturer warranty, and will lead to the formation of scale and heavy metal deposits on the panel.

What is unique about the SolarWater capsule?

Our patented SolarWater capsules produce the perfect water quality for cleaning your solar panels! The water produced by the SolarWater capsule is proven to leave no mineral residue on your panels, which keeps them producting maximum energy for years to come. They are durable, compact, and easy to connect to your home's main hose line. To read more, visit:

What is SolarWater?

SolarWater is water specifically designed for cleaning solar panels in line with the manufacturer's warranty requirements.
The water is absent minerals that can cause limescale heavy metals and won't cause corrosion on the solar system itself.

What's the difference between SolarWater and other home water filters.

The main difference between them is that home water filters are not designed for cleaning solar panels and while they could be great in protecting home appliances where there is still water and they prevent limescale from forming, but on hot surfaces such as solar panels they're effectiveness decreases significantly and the limescale can still form on the panel. On the other hand the solar water capsules keep all the negative compounds inside the capsule itself that way the water is completely clean and there is no risk of limescale.

Does regular tap water cause damage to the solar panel surface?

In most areas tap water contains calcium, magnesium and heavy metals that can cause limescale which cause irreversible damage to the solar panel surface.

What happens when limescape forms on a solar panel.

When limescale forms on the solar panel it is equivalent to dirt that can never be removed those areas will not only produce less energy but will cause a chain reaction that will deteriorate the effectiveness of their entire solar panel in the process that is called hotspots.

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