Our Commitment to Sustainability

At SolaReef, our mission is to help optimize natural solutions that promote a greener and better world. We empower homeowners and communities to make the most of their solar energy systems by providing them with the unique SolaReef solar panel cleaning system.

How we do our part

SolaReef supports sustainable energy and is dedicated to driving the adoption of solar power in every home.

We do this by helping homeowners get the most from their investment in solar by making solar panel cleaning easier, which, in turn, increases panel efficiency and extends panel life.

Our packaging is plastic-free and 100% recyclable, and our unique Capsule Exchange Program promotes and encourages our SolarWater Capsules to be reused, not thrown into landfills.

We are proud to support the Coral Reef Alliance from the sales of the SolaReef Residential Solar Panel Cleaning System.

Why are coral reefs worth saving?

Despite only covering 0.1% of the earth’s surface, coral reefs contain the highest number of species of any ecosystem besides rainforests, and play a vital role in medical research—scientists have developed treatments for cardiovascular diseases, ulcers, leukemia, lymphoma, and skin cancer all from chemicals in reef plants and animals. And more than half of all new cancer drug research focuses on marine organisms, many of which are found on coral reefs. (via Coral Reef Alliance)


of all marine life depends on coral reefs


people depend on coral reefs for food, income, and coastal protection


in services comes from coral reefs each year

The Coral Reef Alliance

The Coral Reef Alliance is one of the world’s largest global NGOs exclusively dedicated to protecting coral reefs, with efforts that include scientific research, building ongoing conversations with communities and like-minded businesses, and local, regional, and global partnerships.

While we at SolaReef are making our contributions in our own way, we invite you to contribute directly to the Coral Reef Alliance by visiting their website and making a tax-deductible donation.