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SolaReef Residential Solar Panel Cleaning System

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Maximize your solar investment with SolaReef's innovative cleaning system, boosting efficiency by up to 30% and safeguarding against costly da. . . Read More

Pole Length

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What's in the Box?

  • - SolaReef200™ water fed brush
  • - 12 or 20 ft extendable pole with release clips and attached tube
  • - 4 SolarWater™ capsules
  • - 50 ft black tube
  • - 5 ft short hose
  • - On/off valve
  • - Quick connecting hose adaptor
  • - Water testing strips
  • - Capsule return shipping box

Product Specs

  • - SolaReef200 brush width: 14.7 inch wide
  • - SolarWater capsule dimensions:
  • - Total assembled system weight for usage:  
  • - Total weight of shipped box: 18.7 lbs


Digital User Guide                       Assembly Video

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Soft and durable, PBT bristles withstand extreme heat and won’t leave micro scratches on panel surfaces.

200 water jets create a cascade of water to remove dust and debris with no scrubbing.

4 SolarWater treatment capsules are included with your purchase.

Unwanted mineral ions are absorbed into the capsule, creating pure, soft water for cleaning your panels.

Get 6 months of free app access to the SolaReef monitoring app with your purchase.

Enjoy our hassle-free, 3 year warranty on all parts.

Cleaning your solar panels is absolutely
essential. SolaReef is the best system out there,
and I recommend it to every customer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Jose Ayala

I recently used the new SolReef Solar Panel cleaning system and it made the cleaning process very easy. I would do anything to maximize the efficiency. The unit was easy assembly in a few minutes. Thanks SolaReef

Daneka Soudak
Great brush, why not shorter option?

I got this a week ago, right after it rained where I live. I noticed that the rain did almost nothing to clean the pollen off my solar panels. this brush did the trick for sure. But the 12 foot pole was a bit long for my needs, and I wish we could get a shorter pole, not just a longer one! Not a big issue at all. I'm just glad I got it. Maybe you guys can come out with a shorter pole or other tools to make it more versatile?

Good service

The package arrived quickly and looked great, however the shut off valve was missing, I contacted support and they promptly sent me a replacement accompanied by a handwritten apology card. Big thanks for the speedy response – it's nice to see a company that cares.

Fast delivery

I got the system with the 12tf pole, for me it's perfect, fast delivery to Beaumont. Including the initial setup time it took me less than 20 min.

Evan G

This was easy to use and my panels are working better than ever!


Is it important to clean the solar panel system?

How does cleaning the solar panel benefit me financially?

Can't I just clean my panels with a hose and squeegee or a scrub brush or sponge?

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Monitoring App

Get 6 months free with your purchase

Hassle-free Warranty

3 years on all parts

Free Shipping

For all US orders

Secure Payments

Guaranteed safe shopping

Monitoring App

Get 6 months free with your purchase

Hassle-free Warranty

3 years on all parts

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