SolaReef200™ Solar Panel Brush

Scrub-free, scratch-free cleaning for your solar panels.

SolaReef200™ Water-fed Solar Panel Brush

The pros agree, we’ve developed the best brush for cleaning
solar panels: a durable, yet ultra-soft bristle brush that ensures
your panels stay scratch free and provide your home with many
years of clean energy.

We also added a whopping 200 water jets to create a powerful
cascade of water that washes away dirt and grime, leaving the
surface of your panel unscathed and sparkling. No other brush
gets the job done!

Highest-grade PBT bristles are durable, withstand extreme heat, and won’t leave micro scratches on panel surfaces.

Encased in a soft-touch protective shield that provides additional panel protection against bumps.

14.2 inch brush length for wider coverage. Clean panels in just 3 passes of the brush!

200 water jets provide even and consistent water coverage for quick cleaning and ZERO scrubbing.

Attaches to a 12 ft pole (included) for easy cleaning from a safe position. Optional upgrade to a 20 ft pole.

For use with SolarWater™ Capsules for the purest water that leaves no residue.

The Best Brush for Solar Panel Cleaning

When it comes to solar panels, softness counts! Soft bristles preserve solar cell integrity and ensure maximum energy production. Unfortunately, both can be compromised by micro scratches that are left on the panel surface when cleaned with inferior brushes or other cleaning tools.

We chose the softest, highest-grade PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) bristles traditionally used in toothbrushes and fine art brushes to create the SolaReef200™ brush, designed exclusively for use in cleaning solar panels! For use with SolarWater Capsules only.

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