SolaReef™ Monitoring App

Take the guesswork out of knowing when to clean your panels.

The SolarReef™ Monitoring App

“How do I know when to clean my solar panels?” “Why did I sell less back to the grid this month?” “When should I call a professional?” Our app answers these questions! Get notified when it’s time to clean your panels, keep watch on your system’s performance, and get instant alerts when something needs immediate attention. The app is available to registered SolaReef customers using SolarEdge or Enphase. 6 months’ free access is included with the purchase of the SolaReef Solar Panel Cleaning System.

The app analyzes your system’s performance with other SolaReef users in your area to determine the efficiency and health of your panels over time.

Get helpful alerts when it’s time to clean your panels, or when you should swap out your SolarWater capsule to ensure the best possible clean!

Keeping them clean? Good job! Hit the blue button with each clean to see your projected earnings rack up, and feel good about taking care of your investment!

See how your system’s energy production measures up to others around you.

Compatible with SolarEdge and Enphase

Registered SolaReef customers get 6 months’ free access. Connectivity requires system permissions.

The Best Water for Solar Panel Cleaning

In the United States, approximately 85% of households have hard water! Repeated washings with mineral-rich hard water leave solar panels with calcifications that result in lowered efficiency and dangerous hotspots. Removing these calcifications can damage panels even further. We spent countless hours developing a convenient effective method of creating the best water for cleaning solar panels that will keep them working at their maximum for years to come. SolarWater™ capsules fit easily in the palm of your hand, are quick to install, and deliver the right level of water purity that leaves no residue or buildup on your panels or anywhere else.

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